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Akinogal 20.07.2020
1:45 need the utter movie
Yosho 21.07.2020
oh I was just going to wash my testicles. shits comedy gold. this dude is a true meme.
Mazur 25.07.2020
Here's hoping you get the Gamestop gig, I've always wanted to work there just to work around gaming hehe.
JoJobar 25.07.2020
She has a nice hairless vagina.
Yozshutaur 27.07.2020
They must have tons of money to fund this in Washington State, because in Texas, there's no frickin way she would have had her children removed for the reasons stated. There simply is not enough manpower and places to put the kids taken from homes. Not enough workers to supervise visits. Not enough field investigators to look into every allegation.